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The Collective (2017-pres.)

    The Collective is a new format of re-thinking music performance. Music is meant to be shared, therefore, several talented musicians from all over the world come together to play and share music as part of The Collective. The Collective is a pool of talented musicians that have been or are still part of Stefano Minder's music projects. They interchange as part of the different projects and concerts performed worldwide.

Ignacio Ampurdanés Ruz (Drums) - ES

Lolo García (Bass) - ES

Milena Miroshnikova (Tenor Sax) - RU

Joshua van der Beek (Guitar) - NL

JT Hwang (Keys) - KOR

Daniele Nasi (Tenor Sax) - IT

Rishi Yildiz (Keys) - NL

Pedro Millan (Tenor Sax) - USA

Tim Faber (Keys) - NL

Patrice Blanchard (Bass) - USA

Javier Merino Cárdenas (Guitar) - ES

Emanuele della Cuna (Drums) - IT

Sebastian Marino (Keys) - IT

Guillermo Garcia (Guitar) - IT

Marco Bruno (Bass) - IT

Yuri Alviggi (Drums) - IT

Alessio Renda (Bass) - IT

Antoni Kuzak (Alto Sax) - PL

Lorenzo Nanni (Keys) - IT

Christoph Schütze (Drums) - DE

Stephan Deller (Double Bass) - DE

Nils Baumann (Keys) - DE