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Love Through My Eyes (2017)

    In 2017, Stefano released his first self-produced album called "Love Through My Eyes." It was recorded in Germany and Switzerland. The release of his debut album introduces his audience to a new level of artistic achievement and personal maturity. The reviews and support were very positive: "Stefano Minder and his band are one of the greatest hopes of today's jazz and soul music because of their freshness, uniqueness, enthusiasm and innovation." – BiBazz

Moresche e Altre Invenzioni (2018)

    Moresche e Altre Invenzioni (2018) In 2018, Stefano participated in the recording of Moresche e Altre Invenzioni, with the Burnogualà Large Vocal Ensemble under the direction and supervision of Maria Pia de Vito. The album contains great rhythmic and counterpoint material, interludes, sound influences from Africa, music from the Neapolitan Renaissance era, and reflects the melting pot of the contemporary jazz world.