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Love Through My Eyes (2017)

    In 2017, Stefano released his first self-produced album called "Love Through My Eyes." The album was recorded in Germany, produced in Switzerland and distributed worldwide.

    The release of his debut album introduces his audience to a new level of artistic achievement and personal maturity.

  • Vocals: Stefano Minder
  • Tenor saxophone: Arthur Kohlhaas (track 3)
  • Piano: Nils Baumann
  • Double bass: Stephan Deller
  • Drums: Christoph Schütze

    Recorded in Germany at the HMT »Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy« (January 2017) and in Switzerland at the Soundpro Studios (April 2017). Mixing and Mastering at the Soundpro Studios in Switzerland. 

Track list:

  1. Intro
  2. Everything Goes
  3. 'Cause You Know
  4. Gloominess
  5. Love Is
  6. The World Through My Eyes
  7. Ain't Gonna Work
  8. Stu Core Mio
  9. Gone
  10. Won't You Stay

    It takes great courage and creativity to work with a theme that has historically been so abused but Stefano does so with different eyes. Eyes that have seen a relationship distorted by the demons of life. Eyes that, notwithstanding the pain, have searched for - and discovered - that true, superior love.

    The love presented in this work is a vulnerable kind of love, one that comes at the mercy of events that hurt. Events that drive us to frantically search for perfection or at least improvement. Events that challenge us to remain focused on ourselves amidst the flood of disappointments that come our way from this world and the people therein. In the face of such painful events, we long to prove ourselves invincible - untouchable - and so lock our hearts within the very walls that reveal just how fragile we truly are.  

    This is our human attempt to fill the void in our soul with momentary pleasures, threads too thin to sufficiently hold together the remnants of a broken heart. It is precisely in this pain that we are offered the opportunity to get up and start again. The only true way to do this is by relying on a superior love through which we can see the world, not with our own eyes, but through a golden filter that awakens the soul’s pallet to taste the delights of love as it was always meant to be.

    In this particular album, the golden filter is Arianna’s thread winding its way through each track, leading the listener through alternating bright and bitter tones along a journey that embraces jazz, soul, blues, and pop. The thread artistically presents the lights and shadows of daily life that are too often caged by an unhealthy self-focus that renders us insensitive to one another. Love then becomes a choice, a change of perspective. The choice to take a bold stand. The choice to be free from the habits that are comfortable for our flesh but toxic for our soul. 

    The album’s ten tracks unveil this very tension with astounding vulnerability, releasing the listener to wrestle with deeply personal themes. They are an invitation to relinquish indifference and insensitivity.

    This work reveals a love that ultimately satisfies the desire of King Midas. A love that transforms us and everything around us into gold. ‘Love Through My Eyes’ presents the listener with the choice to either accept or reject the superior love. The listener is invited to understand and experience true love before launching into emotions that may appear to be love but are merely only empty pages void of words and depth. 

    "Among many words communicated throughout the journey of the human soul, hope is definitely one of them. However, at the end of the day, what counts is what’s certain; the rich depths that render everything else incredibly authentic and alive."

- A. Amico, Artwave